12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors & Outdoors]

12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]


It’s the month of July now of year 2020 folks! Although we are still experiencing the pandemic in all parts of the world, it doesn’t mean we can not enjoy the presence of Summer. But, Summer season is also one of the many concerns of dog owners such as myself. It is burning hot! This season can be challenging for both you and your pooch. Specially during your daily walks. So, how would you help Fido to beat the heat this Summer? 

No worries, this article will provide a total of 12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]. And I’ll be explaining those further more in this post. But, just to give a few, on how you can help your dog beat the heat this Summer, one, is to limit your walks or even change the time of your walks, giving your pooch a frozen treat can help too, and also by simply making it sure that your Fido is hydarated. Interested to know more? Just keep on reading.



12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]

This might be difficult at first, because we all know that dogs are all about “schedule”. Daily activities is like a clockwork for them. So if they are used to have their walks every 10 am in the morning, and change it to different time, it may be a little strange for them, but your Fido will get used to it in time.

Changing the schedule of your walk means avoiding the time during the peak heat. You can probably take your doggo out around 8 am till 9 am depending on your location. In my case I usually walk my dog around 9 or 10 in the morning and 6 pm in the afternoon. I take him out 2x a day.


Just to be real here for a moment. Although I love my dog, to walk him is a task for me. He enjoys it but I don’t. Specially during bad weather or hot / cold seasons!

Then, hot season is your excuse to limit your walk. You can either reduce the time of spending outside when it is really hot. Or limit the number of walks you do if humidity is high. We all know that humidity is part of summer season. If we are experiencing difficulty in breathing in humidity, expect that your pup does too! So, if that’s the case, it is also okay if you skip a walk for that day. Rather than putting both your health at risk.

Although mine, would not allow me that. My pooch doesn’t pee or do his business inside. He always tell me that he needs to go out.


Depending on when do you go out, check the pavement that you are walking on. To do that, place your palm and feel the ground if it feels hot then, it would definitely feel hot to your pooch’s paws as well!

We have shoes on our feet so often times we forgot  how hot the ground is. Do you know that Asphalt and Cement can soak up heat like a sponge? Imagine what it will do to dog’s paw pads— it will cause serious burns and it can be very painful! The worst case? It may lead to skin cancer!

So, if you are an outdoor person or usually spend sometime outside particulary if more of your walks or playtime on a hard ground, then you may want to invest on some dog summer shoes. Fido might feel a little strange but he’ll get used to it in later on. Besides, he’ll look even cuter, right?

In addition, you can buy soothing cream to apply to your pup’s paws when you get home.


12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]

Summer is the season when ticks, fleas and mosquitos are everywhere. We all know that mosquitos are one of the reasons that causes heartworms on dogs. Ticks and fleas cause danger as well. So make sure that your dog is protected by giving them chewables or topical products

Or make sure that their tick collar is up to date as well. I live in place where greenery is everywhere– imagine the insects every summer! So I personally use Frontline Plus (every month) and Seresto for my dog.


Yes, you heard it right. Dogs can get sunburn too! Mostly on the exposed areas such as nose, around the lips, tip of their ears, tummy, groin and parts that has lesser fur. 

Summer is accompanied with shedding. And most cases, there are owners who cut off Fidos hair but you have to be careful in doing so. Because their fur also help them to protect their skin from the sun. Dogs that are short haired and also with lighter fur are the ones that are prone to sunburn.

So, if you get your pooch summer shoes, why not get him a suncreen too? If not, you can get summer protective clothing for your doggos.


12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]

If  you are out for a long walk don’t forget to bring along plenty of water for your doggo or if you’re indoors, make sure that your Fido’s water bowl is always filled with cool and fresh water. Ready for him to drink anytime. 

To make it even more cooler and refreshing, you may want to add few pieces of ice cubes, just make sure not add way too much making the water freezing cold.

What I do these days, is I have a separate bottle that I put in the fridge. I let it cool down for a bit before giving it to my dog.


If you’re outdoors, make sure that there plenty of shades to walk on to keep your dogs out of the sun. If you’re in an open area such as beach, then a beach umbrella will be a great help.


During extremely hot days, trying a cooling vest or a cooling collar will help your dog cool down. Remeber that, dogs unlike humans, they don’t perspire. They cool off themselves by panting. So, investing on a cooling collar or vest would be helpful for your Fido.




The headline is kinda long. Anyway, if you are spending your days at home, let your dog stay inside and let him feel the cool breeze of your airconditioning unit. If you don’t have an AC, your pooch would be fine with the breeze from a regular fan as well.


12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]

If you can’t be outside but you have a backyard with a pool, let your pooch cool down by allowing them to swim with you and have fun. Even if you don’t have a pool, you can do this by using a kiddie pool. Just make sure that you do it under a shade.

Another option if a kiddie pool is not available is sprinkler or hose! If your dogs love water, it will be fun for them but unfortunately for me, my dog’s scared of water! specially water hose!


We love icy drinks when it is really hot. Making icy treat would definitely help your dog to beat the summer heat. Or you don’t have to make it, you can just offer your Fido few ice cubes that he can play around.

And you know what? The other that you can do is to freeze chicken broth and put it later on your pooch’s plain water. The scent and the taste of the broth will make the water even tastier. Therefore your pooch would love lapping it.


It’s Summer, tempratures are high and it is crazy hot! In this wheather, Heat Strokes on dogs are pretty common. So, as a dog owner, it is crucial to know the signs of heatstrokes to determine if your dog is having it.

It is important to be familar with the signs since, dog can’t talk. Dog owners need to be more observant.

And the symptoms are the following according to AKC Canine Health Foundation

  • Panting
  • Hypersalivation (drooling)
  • Warm to touch
  • Red mucous membranes of mouth
  • Rapid heart rate
  • Dry nose
  • Quiet or poorly responsive, may lay down and refuse or be unable to rise
  • Vomiting
  • Blood from mouth or in stool
  • Seizures
  • Muscle tremors
  • Ataxia (staggering)
  • Coma
  • Death

So, if you notice these signs to your dog, the American Kennel Club suggests you do these :

Heatstroke therapy involves lowering the dogโ€™s body temperature. Cooling methods include getting him into the shade, spraying him with cool or tepid water, and fanning him. Severely affected dogs require fluids, medication, support, and oxygen. But the best treatment for heatstroke is prevention

American Kennel Club

Final Thoughts

There are many ways on How You Can Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer Indoors and Outdoors, I cited just a few. Overall, the message of this post is to take care of your pooch during hot season. It’s one of the responsibilities of a dog owner.

I know that in some situations, the list that I provided here is not doable for the others. Not everybody has the luxury or money to buy their dogs shoes or cooling vest / collar. But the least that you can do is not to neglect them this Summer and try to provide ar least a nice shade, let them in your home and share the fan with them and give them water to drink.

This is one of the reasons why I created the post “5 Questions You Need To Ask Yourself Before Getting A Dog”, is because to prepare anyone who’s planning to have a dog. In the article I stated that one should at least to have an “extra budget” for this kind of season. It is quite expensive to have Fido at home.

Your Thoughts

Like in my any other post, I can’t just leave without asking you guys about your experience during summer? What do you do to beat the summer heat with your dog? Specially these days, where can’t go anywhere? 

I would love to hear all of it. Please do share it in the comments below.

Thanks and see you in my next post!

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9 thoughts on “12 Ways To Help Your Dog Beat The Heat This Summer [Indoors and Outdoors]”

  1. I have a golden retriever and this advice is very helpful in this hot weather for sure! I haven’t heard off the dog shoes before, do you know where I can buy those and are they different in size and such ? I have heard of winter shoes though I think, that was more the opposite: against ice and snow on their paws. But that is also kind off a ‘burn’, right ? 

    Very helpfull article, a few things I have to remind myself off.  Meanwhile I did buy him a special little dogpool though. It is not the same as a kiddie pool, because they tend to tear apart easily under the paws of my dog ๐Ÿ˜‰

    thanks !

  2. Great article. Summer can be very uncomfortable for dogs and humans. Our area in New Brunswick Canada has walking trails in almost every community which is a great alternative to taking the dogs for a walk on pavement. Another bonus of these trails is that they tend to be through wooded areas so are quite shady and a lot cooler than out on pavement. checking for ticks is a must afterwards though. We also have certain parks that are designated as off-leash parks for the doggos, they love it. I have found that early in the morning ( around 7) and little later in the evening(around 7 or 8) is the most comfortable times to be out walking or playing with other pups at the off-leash park. Do you have off-leash parks in your area?

  3. Hello D,

    I keep my dogs cool with air conditioning, and when I take them for walks we try to keep it short and stay out of the sun as much as possible. I usually wash them up after they have done their thing and check for bugs like fleas and ticks. The other day my Pomeranian had a bout of diarrhea and not sure what caused it. 

    I am pretty sure the heat did no cause this issue, but you never know, I am thinking it was probably food, although it was a bit on the warm side.

    I like the idea using frozen chicken bone broth in the water, although my dogs drink when they are thirsty.

    Appreciate the information.

    Stay healthy and safe.

  4. Well, you have some good suggestions for solving a problem I don’t have.  I don’t have a dog and I live in a cool climate.  I do remember from my days of owning a dog that too-warm weather can be a problem.  I’ve used the kiddie pool solution, as it at least gives a way to get the dog into the water, even if a small amount.  My dog loved it!

    Cooling vests and cooling collars are something I haven’t heard of before. Will you be offering these as affiliate products?  It seems that they would be something other folks might want to have for their hot doggies.

    Anyway, I’m just as glad I don’t have to take my cat for walks.  He does just fine by himself.

    • Thanks Fran for chiming in.
      Well, you did good on helping your dog to beat the summer heat.
      Kiddie pool will always work!

      With the cooling vests and collar, yes I woould share some affiliate products later on.
      I learned that dog ownership have increased these past few years.
      So I bet, many are will be interested in knowing where to buy those stuff.
      Thanks for the reminder.

  5. Hi! D doggo…it is good enough that you shared your article’s about how to take good care of dogs during this summer . It is so nice that your dog cans still have an ample time of walk and running because this can make your dog physically healthy and strong and can avoid disease due to lack of physical activity and boredom. I almost did all the things that you mentioned in your article, there is one important issue that I want to raise because based from my experienced of caring large breed dogs is about putting  a muzzle for safety reason especially if you walk your dogs to populated areas, likewise if you try to walk and play with your dogs in an unfamiliar areas and terrain because whether you like it not…you cant prevent your dog doing some sniffing, licking, biting  and maybe eating  some stuff as you go along the way and one of the thing that you can prevent your dog of getting an infection and avoid poisoning ingestion or hurting someone is by putting a muzzle during the dog’s activity. I do know if you will agree with me. Thanks for sharing some good dog stuffs. Good luck!

    • Hi Laertes,
      Thanks for dropping by and sharing your experience.
      I definitely agree, my husband and I sometimes tell D, our dog, that he’s one hell lucky dog.
      Life here in Korea is busy, so, for him to be able to go out 2x a day is such a luck for him! ๐Ÿ˜Š

      Putting a muzzle to your dog, most specially to big breeds like yours, is a must. It is widely encourage here in Korea.
      Victims of “accidental” dog bites become common, although, there isn’t any law (yet), dog owners are asked to be responsible
      by putting muzzle to their dogs while out in public.
      Now, I wonder if there’s a county that prohibts that.

      Thans again and stay safe.


  6. Great tips Mina and a great reminder for those who might have forgotten one or two things, as dog owners.
    We do walk our Bonnie (Pit Bull and Staffordshire mix)in the woods mostly in the evening when it’s not so hot anymore, as mornings are too busy. She generally lives inside the house, with us, which is mostly cool even in summer, without air conditioner. She has a shady yard at her disposal, with a very well isolated dog house, should she choose to stay outside. Her water is frequently changed, to ensure it is fresh and cool. We also use Frontline Plus, monthly and so far it proved to be a good protection. We don’t have a pool, but my husband often drives her to a small lake just outside the town where she can cool down in the water and also play with friend dogs.
    I never thought of giving her icy treats, though, just made sure the water is cool enough.
    Sometimes I see a little girl walking her Cocker Spaniel and lifting him up when they have to step on asphalt to cross the road. She can hardly hold him, but she does it to protect his paws. I was glad to read you also give us a warning about the hot asphalt, not everyone thinks of that.
    Anyway, I have been thinking of a cooling mat for some time, just in case. Do you have any recommendations for me, perhaps?

    • Thanks. Glad that you find this post helpful
      Well, it seems that Bonnie is well taken care of ๐Ÿ˜Š, I am for sure that she’s so satisfied
      and not worry a bit during summer. Oh, you bring her to a lake? That’s nice! To be honest it’s
      way a lot better than a pool, and I’m talking about the “cleaning” part afterwards.

      I wish we have such place to bring our dogs to cool off. There are actually but, most of it doesn’t allow pets
      because it’s mostly occupied by people.

      Cooling mat will be definitley a great help. Yes, I would list them out and let you know.


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